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22 Sep 2017

Upper School Administrative Assistant

Job Title

  • Upper School Administrative Assistant

Job Description

  • Upper School is looking for an engaging team member to encourage learning, strengthen the family, and inspire legacies for God’s glory.

Hours Required

  • Up to 30 hours per week including time working from home and on campus. On campus hours include Mondays every week 8:00am-4:00pm, some Tuesdays. Campus hours may vary based on the needs of the team.

Reports To

  • Upper School Director | Dianne Richardson

The desired applicant will have the following key attributes:

  • Understands and believes deeply in our mission, model, culture, and values
  • Follow ups quickly and effectively
  • Enjoys a fast-paced environment
  • Communicates well, particularly via email
  • Initiates goals and actions
  • Takes ownership and responsibility
  • Contributes ideas for improvements
  • Works toward excellence
  • Strategizes systems for simplicity and accountability
  • Operates with a team mentality
  • Demonstrates strong organizational skills
  • Engages easily with technology
  • Owns an up to date laptop that is available for work at home/on campus
  • Seeks eagerly to learn and grow in the role and responsibilities

Send inquiries or resumes to

Dianne Richardson, Upper School Director